10 Best Countries to Immigrate Easily

Nowadays, the majority of students desire to study abroad, but immigration barriers can shatter their dreams. To help the student, we have compiled a list containing useful information about the top countries which are easy to immigrate.


Canada is well known as the second-largest country in the world. It is the most popular destinations for international students from all over the globe to study abroad. It is known to offer high-quality education at affordable tuition fee with degrees that are globally recognized. It provides not only quality education, but education which is accessible for all sparkling candidates from all around the world.

Immigrate to Canada

International Aspirants can easily immigrate to Canada through the Federal Express Entry system, provincial nomination and other immigration services. Another option to immigrate to Canada is to secure a job with a Canadian employer and if you have a master’s degree and you are skilled in speaking English then you’re parked to permanent residency will be more comfortable. Get the information on the immigration process in Canada through the given link.  

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New Zealand

New Zealand is a southernmost country in the world, with less than five million people is one of the happiest English-speaking countries. New Zealand study abroad programs offer the chance to explore the great outdoors while you tot up your school credits. It also offers several scholarship opportunities to international students.

Immigrate to New Zealand

For immigrating to New Zealand, you are suggested to get all the evidence together before you submit your application. You need to send the application forms, your passport and other supporting documents.

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The Government of New Zealand offers a range of visas to help those who can contribute to New Zealand to visit, work, study, live, or invest here. Get the information on the immigration process in New Zealand through the given link.  


Singapore is placed as an island city and the global financial centre of Asia with less than 6 million people. It is having a very high quality living ranking fifth in the human development index. It is home to world-class private and public universities that have a variety of provisions on the campus. Many universities and organizations in Singapore offer industry-oriented programmes as well.

Immigrate to Singapore

Immigrate to Singapore is a natural process. You are required an employment permit to get started in Singapore. It may take up to 10 years to become a Singapore citizen. But, if you like to initiate your startup, you can set up your company and obtain an entry pass to start living in Singapore.

A highly qualified professional can easily apply for an Employment Pass (EP) to migrate to Singapore. Get the information on the immigration process in Singapore through the given link.


Australia is well known as the world’s sixth-largest country. It is the most popular destination for aspirants from all over the globe for working and study abroad. It is a modern, highly educated culture with a hunger for knowledge and research. There are a lot of study and work opportunities in Australia for international candidates.

Immigrate to Australia

Here is the General Skilled Migration (GSM) Program in Australia, which allows skilled workers to immigrate to Australia. It is a temporary visa for skilled migrants to live and work in a regional area of Australia through sponsorship by an Australian State or Territory. Find out more information about the immigration process in Australia through the given link.


Ireland is an English-speaking country in Europe. The country has a lot of technical job opportunities. It is a small country with 4.5 million people and one of the best countries in Europe. It is a great place to visit or live, for work and also for getting higher education. There are many work opportunities for technical persons.

Immigrate to Ireland           

If you’re a technical person, then you may get a PR in Ireland within two years, and for a non-technical person, it takes five years. If you are an entrepreneur, then you can easily apply for a startup visa. You can apply for your visa at an Irish Embassy or Consulate. This visa allows you to seek entry to Ireland. So, get the information on the immigration process in Ireland through the given link. 


The Netherlands is one of the best locations in Europe for technical and non-technical people. In the Netherlands, 99% of the Dutch people speak English. People from different countries come to the Netherlands for working and get an education. It is a nation in Western Europe, bordered by the North Sea in west and north.

Immigrate to the Netherlands

If you are immigrating in Netherland for family reunification, then you are recommended to have a Dutch partner or a partner who is legally resident in the Netherlands and who has sufficient income. To settle here, you may require a residence permit, which you can obtain under certain conditions. Get the information on the immigration process in Netherland through the given link.


Germany is the best country in all of Europe and focuses on innovation. It can be your favourite and future destination. It is known as the second most popular migration destination in the world, after the United States and now it is becoming a magnet for international students from all over the world.

Immigrate to Germany

There is a wide range of possibilities in visas for job seekers, EU Blue Cards, residence permits for employees, residence permits for investors, family reunions, applications for settlement permits or German citizenship. For immigrating to Germany, you need to obtain competent legal advice from specialized German immigration lawyers.

If you are highly qualified with the professional masters or a PhD, then you can secure a job in Germany and can become a German citizen in 33 months. Get the information on the immigration process in Germany through the given link.

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Denmark is one of the happiest countries in the world. Denmark has mainly something to do with the high standard of living in this Nordic country that includes economic and gender equality and a very well developed welfare system. Denmark is a highly-developed nation. The positive atmosphere of campuses, communities and cities in Denmark are beneficial to students’ experience.

Immigrate to Denmark

It is easy to apply for a work permit or study in Denmark. Even if you are a professional, then you will quickly get a professional visa in Denmark. This is a new form of the previous green card of Denmark. You may also set up your startup or venture as an entrepreneur in Denmark if you have an excellent idea of entrepreneurship. It will take nine years to become a Danish citizen. Get the information on the immigration process in Denmark through the given link.


Now, Sweden is well known as a highly popular immigration destination – both for workers and employers. Sweden is placed as one of the best countries in the Nordic region, which has 10 million people. It is one country that has the most extended maternity and paternity leaves.

Even, EU citizens who study or work in the country have the automatic right of residence in Sweden. There is no need for them to apply for the residence permit. There are a lot of opportunities for students in Sweden.

Immigrate to Sweden

In Sweden, the immigration process includes visas for workers, students, investors, business people, family members, and visitors. If you are excited to make an application to work, study, invest or hire workers in Sweden, then you can follow the immigration process through the given link.


Switzerland is well known as one of the most beautiful countries in Europe with a good quality of life and education. It is a mountainous nation famous for its small ski towns, high quality of life, chocolate and fondue. Students who are foreign language lovers, also interested to study abroad in Switzerland. In Switzerland, international students can speak four national languages, namely French, Italian, German, and Romansh.

Immigrate to Switzerland 

Immigrate to Switzerland is an easy process. You can download the application form from the Swiss diplomatic/consular mission in your country. Candidates can submit their application early as it can take between six and eight weeks to process.

It makes costs EUR 60 in addition to any processing fees. You will also be allowed to apply for a visa online. You will find further information on where and how to apply for a visa here: www.swiss-visa.ch. You are required to a C permit to the path of permanent residency and ten years living for citizenship.