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Privacy Policy

The use of our website or any associated services rendered through ZHBroadway Consultant are subject to subsequent privacy policy and are in lines with your acceptance of these terms, including future amendments made thereto.

We at ZHBroadway Consultant respect and guard your privacy as our consultants gather specific credentials of prospective individuals seeking immigration under various programs. The information collected by us via telephonic conversation or face to face interaction, helps us as an organization to meet the needs of the applicants and we work under a complete data protect policy, where in all your credentials are secured at all levels.

All credit/debit cards detail and personally identifiable information will NOT be stored, sold, shared, rented or leased to any third parties. All our payments are processed by our payment processing agent. We do not keep any personal or credit card information, except for the payment details.

Any information, details document or others form (documents) provided by the candidate to ZHBroadway Consultant will be kept confidential. All Information & documents provided by the candidate will not be shared with any other party EXCEPT any 3rd party which is a required for the immigration process, such like a government bodies or Visa Immigration department and case officers. We would only collect your name, contact details, delivery details and email address and all of these are kept strictly confidential.

Refund Policy

The customer agree that they will not liable to be claim a refund in cases of he/she wish to end of their agreement with services and withdraw from before the time of ZHBroadway Consultant submitting the clients Immigration and or Visa application.

The customer confirms that before making any purchase that he/she read and understands all our terms and conditions.

The client may cancel/withhold the application at various stages of the process without claiming any refund from the company even if it is the very next day after signing the contract. The COMPANY will not refund the amount once the agreement is signed as all the information and process details was explained in good faith and have given accurate details as per the existing rules and regulations of the respective country to file their application.

Clients also agrees that they would be responsible on misrepresentation or fraud information on the application package

The CLIENT having failed the medical;

The CLIENT having a criminal record;

The CLIENT not being proficient in the English language;

The CLIENT unable to provide relevant documents as per requirement (depending on the countries and the program you applied for)

Or any changes in criteria or whatsoever changes in corporate by the respective

There won’t be any refund even in the event of Client being informed by the respective Immigration Office that he/she does not qualify for required program applied with ZHBroadway Consultant other than and the one’s explained here: Medical, Security, Misrepresentation, Insufficient information, Insufficient funds, point lost on language or Misleading information, Point lost on education because of non-accredited, unrecognized or false credential, Points lost on work experience where in the case officer was not satisfied with the evidence furnished by the applicant, non-submission of complete/required documents from client’s side within stipulated time changes introduced by the relevant Government office which may retroactively affect the client’s case, non-cooperation from client’s or client’s dependents side and any other violation of contractual clause.

If a refund is issued, it is only made on special consideration which is against ZHBroadway Consultant terms & conditions, however the refund application will be processed in 90 working days at the sole discretion of ZHBroadway Consultant legal team.

For complete information and all the relevant clauses kindly refer to the retainer agreement signed by both the parties.

Cancellation Policy

  • In case of failure of any of the client’s services as per mentioned in the contract, the client will be eligible to cancel the contract and claim full refund
  • If client’s funds are deducted from his/her account due to some technical error and that particular amount was not finalized in the contract, client will be eligible to claim his/her refund
  • If ZHBroadway consultant cancels the contract before delivering the promised services, client is eligible for full refund.
  • If the Client decides to withdraw the case before a final decision has been reached on the case, the Client will not be entitled to a full refund because at each stage of the process ZH Broadway Consultant has incurred cost to move the case towards its culmination