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Study In Australia


Australia, a country which was more popularly known as a destination for its tourism has now become very familiar for the quality of its education. Considering the number of universities and colleges that are now in Australia, students from all over the world are aiming to become a part of it. With our exceptionally well, customized and timely service, zhbroadway Consultant ensures that students can fulfil their dream of studying subject of their choice in Australia.

How to apply?

There’s been a lot of misconception and confusion among applicants regarding the process of application to immigrate to Australia. At zhbroadway Consultant, we make it our utmost priority to simplify the entire process of application. The following steps are involved in the application procedure:

Step 1 Select a visa subclass which is appropriate for the purpose of your travel (in this case education) to Australia and download the relevant visa application form (which will be done by zhbroadway Consultant on your behalf).

Step 2 Your visa application may require supporting documentation. Gather all required supporting documentation for your application and submit them at zhbroadway Consultant Dubai Office. To avoid delays all supporting documentation should be submitted at the time of application with zhbroadway Consultant.

Step 3 Organize payment of the visa fees: Mode of Payment Visa Fees are payable in Cash or Credit Card in United Arab Emirates.

If you have any queries regarding the Australia Study Visa Program, please do not hesitate to book your consultation with us today to find out which pathway and relevant sub-stream is perfect for your application to this Program.


Australia Permanent Residency

You’ve been scouring the internet for best places to immigrate to in 2019. And you’ve narrowed it down to the ‘Down Under’, the beautiful continent of Austrailia. The sunny days, exotic animal life, and beaming beaches, Austrailia truly is a sight to behold. But you don’t know where to begin? Well look no further than, we’ve explained the entire Australian Permanent Residence programme below. Read on to find out how you can become an Australian! 

Checking Eligibility

There are two steps in Checking your eligibility for applying to the Australian Permanent Residence programme. First is Occupation check, and the second is Points Check. 

For Occupation Check, you must check online for a complete list of occupations listed. The occupations are categorised in various categories and you’re bound to find your occupation listed in there.

For Points Check, you must check your points with the allotted score that the Australian Government has provided online. These include parameters such as Age, Work Experience, English Proficiency, State Sponsorship, and other factors. 

At the time of writing this piece, the minimum points for eligibility are 65. 

English Proficiency Test

The Australian Immigration system accepts a number of different internationally accepted English testing systems to measure and rank applicants overall English ability. These include:

  • Ielts
  • Occupational English Test
  • Pearson Test of English
  • Cambridge Assessment English

Skill Assessment 

Every Occupation has a designated Skill Assessment Authority linked to it and skill assessment can be conducted only by that authority. A skill assessment authority is an organisation which is responsible for comparing skills, education, and work experience of a visa application according to Australian standards.

For example software engineers can only be assessed by by the Australian Computer Society. To find your particular skill assessment authority all you have to do is look online under your occupation list. 

Relevant documents pertaining to your education and work experience need to be submitted and a payment of around AUD $500 needs to be made. Documents for education include mark sheets, transcripts and degrees. And documents for work experience include reference letters, affidavits, and payslips. 

Expression of Interest

Expression of Interest, EOI, is a method of showing your interest in applying for a skilled immigrant visa to Austrailia. It is an online SkillSelect which asks a series of questions about your skills depending on the visa subclass (189, 190 or 489) you select. 

Details regarding your education, work experience , family, skill assessment, and language test results are supposed to be entered here. Now based on the information you provide, points will be calculated by the system. And then based on the number of points you score and relevant demand of your job in the market, you will get an invite. There is no minimum or maximum period defined under Australian Immigration laws for receiving the invite. 

You can make any changes in your EOI if you feel there is further information that can strengthen your profile. Also note that payment is not required at this particular step of the process. 

Submitting Application

After getting the invite, you’ll have 2 months to submit your documents and pay the application fee. The fee is around AUD $3670 for principal applicant, AUD $1840 for Spouse, and AUD $920 for each dependent child. 

The documents that you need to submit at this stage include your birth certificate, passport pages, educational documents, identity document issued by the government, marriage/divorce certificate, and police character clearance certificate. 

Work related documents include appointment letters, experience certificates, income tax documents, promotion letters (if any) and payslips from all pass employers. 

You will also need to submit your official result certificates for the english proficiency test and skill assessment test.

Once a case officer has been assigned to your case, you will be asked to go for a complete Medical Examination by a designated professional. 


It might take several months for a decision on your application. Processing times differ from visa subclass to subclass. If all your documents are properly verified, you would be given your PR grant or visa grant notification letter that explains the conditions of your visa, including the period of validity and entry requirements.

Your visa will not be stamped on your passport, as is the case in Canadian visa, instead it would be an electronic visa and your record will be uploaded online. 

We at understand that applying for the Australian PR can be a dauntless endeavour. Do not hesitate to book your appointment with us today and begin your Australian adventure!